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When We Return to Work, It Won’t Be the Same

Everyone recognizes the importance of getting America back to work. Many of our friends and family are currently without jobs and dealing with the stress and uncertainty that this creates.  But when we do start to return to work, it is important that all businesses continue to take extraordinary steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Social Distancing Will Continue Once We Return To Work

Here are some of the recommendations we’ve seen that will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus between our employees and customers once we are back at our workplaces.

  1. Don’t drop your guard thinking that the risk of contracting COVID 19 is no longer a threat.Continually remind your employees and customers how this virus is transmitted and the need for social distancing and extreme cleanliness (hand washing and cleaning work surfaces) remains.
  2. Avoid direct physical contact. Physical contact is the fastest and most common way for viruses to spread. Do what you can to limit physical contact between people at your location. This is not a time to be shaking hands or giving hugs. Find another way to greet people that involves no direct contact.
  3. Replace in-person conversations with virtual ones. One of the benefits of the shelter in place period we are going through is that most of us are becoming more familiar with using remote web based conferencing like Zoom or MicroSoft Teams. In most cases, it’s not too difficult to replace a simple meeting with a video conference or a conference call.
  4. When job duties permit allow those employees who can work remotely to do so. You can also incorporate flexible work schedules where employees work hours are staggered. Both of these practices lower the number of employees in your business at one time.
  5. If your business has close physical contact with your customers like restaurants and retail stores put in place new practices that increases distance between your workers and customers. If you have to get close be sure to wear the appropriate PPE items.
  6. For businesses with brick-and-mortar facilities try to reduce or eliminate cash handling. Have customers use credit cards that they only touch or go to tap-based payment systems where practical.
  7. Incorporate social distancing in your business operations by staggering customer flow in some way. For example, you may choose to serve customers only one at a time, or you could funnel them through a different mode of service, like a drive-thru window.

Until there is a Vaccine

At this time it is important to put into practice measures that minimize the impact of the coronavirus.  Keeping our employees and customers safe and healthy is vital, as is keeping our economy going.  So until our scientists, doctors and pharma industry produce a vaccine to prevent COVID 19 we must all continue to be vigilant and do what is necessary for the good of all.

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