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DNA Testing


Legal DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Testing

Probability of parentage testing can be determined by a simple cheek swab taken from the child, mother and alleged father. This testing may also be performed with samples solely from the alleged father and child. The probability of paternity will be either 0% or greater than 99.9%.Additional children OR alleged father may be tested at the same time as the initial test for a fee significantly smaller than a full test.Paternity can be determined indirectly by testing relatives of an alleged father.Paternity testing can be beneficial in cases of adoption. Often there comes a time when adopted children may seek out biological parents or vice versa. The medical history of biological parents can be very useful.

Immigration Testing

U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States can petition for a permanent visa for alien relatives (spouse, parents, children or siblings) to immigrate to the United States. Often their only option to prove and document their biological relationship is to have a DNA test done. Blackbird can coordinate AABB Immigration Testing to complete your petition. Upon completion of collection you will receive:

  • 2 business day test results
  • Accuracy > 99.9%
  • AABB Immigration TestingĀ 

Our testing fees include shipment of the report to the consulate/embassy as well as the requesting office of USCIS or State Department.

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