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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Feeling more tired than usual, your bones ache or you feel a little blue? These can all be signs that you are Vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Very Common
Researchers estimate that 50 percent of the general population is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency. Being low in Vitamin D is common in the US, but many mistakenly believe we aren’t at risk because we consume Vitamin-D-fortified foods (such as milk).

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is acquired primarily through sun exposure, not through the foods we eat. There are very few foods that have adequate levels of Vitamin D naturally and even fortified foods do not contain enough Vitamin D to support good health.

Over the winter months individuals are more prone to showing symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency because we spend more time indoors. Some people may not have any symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and still be deficient.

Signs You Might Not Be Getting Enough Vitamin D

  • You Feel “Blue”
  • Your Bones Ache
  • Head Sweating
  • You Have Gut Trouble
Individuals who have these characteristics are also more prone to being Vitamin D deficient.
  • Children Under Age 5
  • Have Darker Skin
  • Over 50 Years Old
  • Overweight, Obese or have a Higher Muscle Mass
How do I know if I’m deficient in Vitamin D?

The way doctors determine if you are deficient in Vitamin D is by testing your 25(OH)D level, often referred to as the Vitamin D test. Getting this blood test is the only accurate way to know if you’re deficient or not.

Keeping your Vitamin D levels in the recommended range may help prevent cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, infections, and some mental health conditions.

Kimi Hathaway, President/Owner
Vitamin D Testing at Blackbird Clinical
If your doctor recommends that you take a Vitamin D test, Blackbird Clinical can run this test quickly and at the most affordable price in town.Please contact me with any questions regarding our services or to set up a time to come by our clinic. Just click on the button below to send me an email.

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