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Thank you for inquiring about our immigration physical services.  We find it is easiest if you can fulfill the vaccination and screening requirements

prior to scheduling your physical.  This is to ensure you leave the facility the day of your physical with your I-693 form.

Vaccination records you will need:

  1. MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
  2. Varicella (chicken pox *not required if you have had chicken pox as a child however a titer will be required to prove immunity)
  3. Flu vaccination (during flu season Sept-Feb 28)
  4. TDap (tetanus and diphtheria)
  5. Hepatitis B

Blackbird Clinical Services does not provide vaccinations with the exception of the flu vaccine.

If you have had the vaccinations but have no record of receiving them you will need to have record of titers showing immunity. 

Please note, vaccination records must be complete records.

Labs you will need:

  1. QuanteferonGold or T-spot test (TB blood test)
  2. Syphilis Screen (over the age of 15)
  3. GonorrheaScreen (over the age of 15)

Blackbird Clinical Services should provide all blood labs and titers per USCIS standards. You may call and schedule an appointment or walk-in NO LATER than 1:30pm Mon-Fri.

The cost of the titers and screens as well as the physical at Blackbird Clinical Services is as follows:

Quanteferon Gold- $85

Syphilis Screen- $25

Gonorrhea Screen- $45

Hepatitis B Titer- $30

MMR Titer- $160 (Measles- $60, Mumps- $60,Rubella- $40)

Varicella Titer- $55

Flu Vaccine- $28

I-693 Physical- $150

Where can you get vaccinations completed:

1.      Your primary care provider

2.      Your local health department

3.      Most pharmacies

Although you may get your vaccinations at any provider offering the services, the preferred vaccination provider for BCS are Custom Plus Pharmacy and Regional Occupational Care Center (ROCC). These facilities are diligent in providing your complete records to us in a timely manner ensuring a quick turnaround time for scheduling your I-693 physical. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Custom Plus Pharmacy is located at:

482 W. Navajo St., Suite A

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone: 765-463-2600- Call to schedule

ROCC is located at:

Amelia Ave.

Lafayette, IN 47905

Phone: 765-446-2450- Call to schedule

Unfortunately, currently Custom Plus is unable to provide the Varicella vaccination. This may be obtained at ROCC, your primary care physician’s office, your local health department, or any number of other pharmacies.

Cost of vaccinations at Custom Plus Pharmacy:


MMR- $114.99/ dose

Hepatitis B- $99.00/ dose

You may use your insurance for these vaccines with an order from Blackbird Clinical Services.

Please note, occasionally additional requirements may need to be met depending on your country of origin and/or your age. The above-mentioned screens/vaccinations are the most commonly required. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or to get your physical scheduled once you have all requirements met. We will need to verify all the above requirements prior to scheduling. We can typically get you scheduled within 1week of your call to schedule once all the above requirements are met. If you would like to correspond through email or send any information via email it is best to always send this to [email protected],everyone in the office will be able to have access to this information to help with any questions you may have.  

Have any questions?

TEL: (765) 447-8700

FAX: (765) 447-8701

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